Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Communication Unit PlanUnit: (Topic) ___________________________ Duration (# of Days) : ______Level
Purpose of Unit
Materials Required
Unit Timeline

Day 1,2
Read over all cheat sheets and complete exercise 1. Save final product on K: where teacher instructs. Print and submit
: (ie. Manual, Video(s), Folder location for exercise files, specific website URL for the online tutorial - and downloaded copy of the tutorial preferably, etc.)
: By the end of the unit, you will know how to ______
(1 = intro, 3 = Advanced) _____

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

High Key, Low Key Photography

High Key - A picture that has a lot of light, making it bright and still has middle tones unlike high contrast photos.

This takes lots of light behind and also infront, on a white background.
Low Key - A picture with low lighting, and lighting just on a select place of the picture.

This takes a black background and very low lighting with a light on the part wanted to be hightlighted.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interactive Portfolio

Cathy Beck
I was not sure when I first went to this site what was going on, then I went to the menu and chose one and was completely amazed at the branching of the tree, It was so cool. I do not have a clue in how to do what she did, but I do think its amazing and I love the idea of the tree branching off of the different aspects of the site. Something else about this that I think I would use in my own is the clean cut silhouette tree with the bright pictures that represent little things about herself, and things like other project she's done. It makes the whole professional looking website feel more user friendly. This site is very professional looking, this is because of the clean cut edges, the smooth movements and nothing is pixelated, no spelling errors and nothing really goofy looking. I think this website is really amazing.

Christian Sparrow
I absolutely love the brown paper/package-looking background, I think this looks very sharp. I also really like all the drop in things that are bouncy, or the little slide show of pictures. I also like how it makes you feel like he is actually talking to you, it's friendly and casual wording but it looks so professional that it just really draws you in to look at everything more. Now, I think that his portfolio is insanely impressive, working for google and Microsoft to the Transformers 2 movie. Not that this is the important part of what I was looking for today, It just makes me wish that one day my portfolio can hold projects made for companies like that too. I like the idea of drop down menus and different sections and lists, it makes this friendly site look even more professional and organized, it can really show different aspects of his personality. I must say that the "Contact" page is my favourite. I love the San Francisco theme! The dropping clouds and the swimming sharks but my favourite part is the light house and its quick flashing light. This site is very creative, it is a very personal feeling but professional looking. I can see how he got so many big name clients.

Now my own portfolio.. I'm not sure what I want to do. I know I like the growing tree, but I'm not sure how to do that and that could take too much time, also that would be very very close to her idea. I like the packaging one, it reminds me of the yearbook from a couple years ago. But I don't think I would do that. I remember you saying something about using a large picture as the whole background, I like that I think I'll use one of my own pictures, but then using the idea from the tree to move to a different part of the picture so original may be just a close up of the one part then shift to a new  part with each button.  Maybe I'll have some things like ribbons flying around the screen, then I could incorporate more later on, maybe just instead on the shift to the page you follow the ribbon. I think I'll go with a black and white picture and then use the ribbons as colour, I like bursts of colour rather than a more set colour scheme. So black, greys and white with colour bursts.

In the outline, you say to have 5 different ideas, but I took you through my tought process briefly to bring you to my final idea. I like that idea. It suits my style, I commonly bring in bursts of colours to my art. I want to use colm sounds, calm music maybe even wind, the ribbon could be blowing. I'm not sure what my "big picture" will be yet, but I want in to represent me so I will have to take one for this and put some planing into it at home when I goto take it.

For my intro tween, I think I'll bring in the picture with a tween making it expand in, along with some music, and have random ribbons plying around that will turn into the menu after or be part of the menu. Actually, i think I will take a "light" picture in my bedroom, because my bedroom really does show me so with the light picture, I can incorporate the ribbons better and move around my own room for different parts, the main focus will be me on my bed and then zoom in on a book next to me for about me. and then pan over to the wall for my art and maybe a final pan to the window to quickly talk about my future plans. 
My section about myself, I don't want a picture of me. That's all I can decide for this page.
My art page will have both media arts and art of mine.